Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I know...

  I know a man who is dying of cancer.  He has skin cancer, but it's growing inside his sinuses and there is no way to treat it.  He has a constant headache.  But he never complains about his illness.  He knows that he will be lucky to live another 5 years.  Yet he is at work every day.  He does his job as well as he ever did.  Most people don't have any clue that he is sick.  Once there were tears in his eyes when he talked to me about it, but most days he stops just to ask how I am doing.  He tells me not to worry about him:  "I wouldn't have much time left in this body anyway."
  I know a single mother who is spending this week changing her entire future.  She had the perfect job lined up in another town and was going to move next month.  But her sister passed away over the weekend and everything changed.  Now she won't move, but will change jobs; from an office to a factory for the pay raise.  Not moving because it would put her further from the three children her sister left behind.  Decisions about where she lives and how much money she makes now revolve around how she can help raise these precious, motherless innocents.
  I know men who work 8, 10, 12 hour days 5, 6, 7 days a week at jobs they hate for bosses who are unfair all so that they can provide for their families.  Keep mama home as much as possible.  Be able to put shoes on growing feet, food in young bellies and that special gift next to the birthday cake.
  I know a couple heartbroken over the loss of their unborn child.  But they continue to find ways to bring joy to those around them.
  I know a boy who has lost memory, sight, and the hope of a normal future to illness.  I know two girls who's parents dare not dream for more than seeing their daughter reach 25 years old.  These families will watch as their beautiful babies get older but do not develop properly.  They will watch these diseases cripple and finally kill.  Yet they use their trials to be a witness to others.
  I know a family who longs for a child that they may never be allowed to hold again, because of the actions of a selfish, prideful, greedy, evil person.  Yet they pray for the salvation of that very person.

  I know a God who has put these people in my path to encourage me as I see their grace and strength in the midst of the fire.
  I know He will carry me through whatever the future holds.
  I know His people are praying for me.
  I know He has written my story with the perfect ending, though I do not yet know what that end is.
  I know I am surrounded by His love.
  I know that I can face tomorrow.

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