Monday, July 23, 2012

A break, for which I am thankful

  So I saw the oncologist today. It will be a few months before I do the radiation. I'm really glad for the break. This should give me time to heal from surgery.
  All together, I think I've had 3 CT scans done. Each of them was "with contrast," which is some stuff they put in my system to help them see what they were looking for. Apparently the contrast has high amounts of iodine in it. In order for the radiation to work, my body needs to be starved for iodine. So now I have to wait 2 months for that contrast to get out of my system. During those 2 months, I will be on thyroid replacement medicine. Once my levels are normal, I will be taken off the medicine for 3 weeks to let my iodine levels sink even lower, so that by the time my treatment comes, my body will suck the iodine up quickly, and with it, the radiation. The radiation will kill any microscopic cancer that's left, and that should be the end if the cancer.
  I am so thankful that, since I have been afflicted with cancer, this is the type I have. The treatment is so precise and so effective that there is very little to fear. In addition, since I have little ones at home, and to make monitoring my radiation levels easier, I will spend my few days of radiation isolation in the hospital. It will be a very different stay from what I just left. I will be reading a lot, I'm sure. :-D Drinking lots of water is a must, and also sucking on lemon drops to keep the radiation from gathering in my saliva glands.
  In the mean while, I get to be home with my babies and my husband. Lots of hugs and cuddles. The relief of not having to rush off again after being away so recently is wonderful. So tonight I thank the Lord for this gift of time. Time to heal, time to relax, time to love and to be loved.

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