Monday, July 30, 2012

Hearing Love

  I've been learning a lot about love lately. It comes in so many forms. Dinners have been cooked, bathrooms cleaned, a lawn mowed, kids watched. I've been visited, given hugs, money, advice, encouragement, cards and personal care packages. A dear sister  in Christ has helped me start my "survival pack" for when I go in for radiation. My dad paid for a manicure and pedicure. My sister let me borrow her Kindle.  My mom and sister in law cleaned my house. I have never before even cared if I owned a I have several in varied colors and styles to protect my healing skin from the sun. Those too far away to give physical gifts have written, sent scripture and prayed.
  Each gift is as unique as the friend who has given it. A variety of blessings, for which I am greatful. Like a complex song, every person has added their own part, creating a masterpiece in my life. And I love to listen to it!
  I'm seeing how I cannot expect every person to show love in the same way. In theory, I have known that for a long time. But in reality, I expect people to act the way I would. If they don't show me that they care the way I expect them to, sometimes I haven't recognized that they are showing me love. But now, as I am flooded with these expressions of concern and affection, I can hear the beautiful symphony of love that I was deaf to before. And I'm so glad for it! From now on, I am determined to recognize love as it is given instead of expecting them to act the way I would. Each person's tune is different, and I am learning to listen.

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