Sunday, July 8, 2012

My many blessings

  As much as I think I should feel bad for myself, all I can feel at the moment is blessed. I'm going to list the blessings God has given me as I face cancer.
  My wonderful husband. Even though I know he feels lost and helpless, he is with me every step. Sometimes it seems as though I'm comforting him, but just having him near comforts me. Knowing that the one who knows me better than anyone (and loves me anyway!) will hold my hand before I fall asleep and be waiting to tell me he loves me when I wake up gives me strength. It makes me smile my best for him. I can face this with him by my side.
  My beautiful children. Last night Trin had set out our plates with dinner, put salad in our bowls and even lit a candle. The boys did the dishes and the house was wonderfully clean. I've had hugs and cards from all four of them (Nana and sissy helped Michael with his card). They are worried about me, but I am happy to see them trust God in spite of their natural fear. All it takes to calm their tears is a hug and a reminder that God is in complete control. Last night we stopped at church and my two "adopted" children were immediately at my side. One getting me water, one bringing me food, both within reach the whole time I was there. I thought God brought Jazzy and Gordon to us so we could help them, but I was so thankful for the love they showed me last night. Now I know these relationships are as much for my benefit as for theirs. I am so blessed.
  My church family. This has two parts. The first part is a little white church across from Walmart full of loving people. From here meals have been organized for my family. My pastor's wife made sure she was there to be with Brad while I was in surgery. A young lady had volunteered to stay in my home to take care of my house, my kids and even my babysitting kids so that we don't lose income. The second part is all the people who don't attend my church but are still my brothers and sisters in Christ. The meals are being organized from my church, but as close as I can count, they are coming from 5 different church bodies. Thus is truly the body of Christ caring for one member that is in need.
  My doctors. I have had so many assurances that the people caring for me are knowledgeable and competent. They are also thoughtful and patient. And at least one of them is a believer, which is better than all the rest!
  Family. My in laws have cared for my children. My sister lent me her Kindle so I would be "connected" while I was in the hospital. Everyone has visited and loved on me in their own ways.
  Preparation. From the beginning, I have felt like God was preparing me for something big. I won't say, "I knew it was cancer, God told me." But I did have a sense of being prepared. Other than the first moment when they told me they saw "something" on my lung that needed a closer look, nothing has surprised me. I have just felt God gently saying, "be ready." Before I even had the stomach bug I had set up a meeting with Blue Ribbon Foods to get organic, natural meals in place. This one of the best ways I can help my body fight cancer, and God provided the means before I knew I had a need.
I'm sure there are more, but these are the big blessings that jump out at me right now. I pray they are an encouragement to you. God surely provides our every need!


  1. Rachel...I bless the Lord with you and thank Him for the peace He has filled you. There is a book, Charisa first told me about it..(she has the book) it is called: Cancer: step outside the box by Ty Bollinger. You are 2 steps ahead...1st you Trust God and 2nd are eating organics..! Keep writing! Loly

  2. Rachel I just wanted to tell you amazing you are and what an inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings as you travel this road. Please, know that I am praying for you and that I will be sharing this will all my MOPS moms to be in prayer for you too.

    Amanda Williams

  3. Rachel, I have a friend that went to the Dr. for a backache and they found cancer. He went thru treatment and his wife juiced his every meal! I have heard that juicing is a healer. Juice Kale, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, celery, and all fruits. There is something about broccoli and tomato paste that cures certain cancers. Our church is HUGE on the health message. My friend was also told to stay away from meat as it is a cancer feeder. Juice everything!!! It is a miracle...10 or more yrs later my friend is still with us and I believe he still juices. It can't hurt. In fact I have been wanting to buy a juicer and am starting on Thurs. if I am able to buy my juicer tomorrow. Let's do it together and like I said it can't hurt. Look into it or have your husband look into it. IF you need to speak to my friend or his wife I can contact them in Florida. He is on my FB also. Please know that I am praying for you and lifting you up to our Lord, God and sweet savior. Even if we don't know each other we are family in Christ who brings us together in times like these and together we will be eventually. I love you my sister in Christ. all of my Love to you ~ Carrie Shires